Welcome to Living Almost Naturally


Do you dream of simple green living and a more sustainable lifestyle?  Living in harmony with nature instead of pursuing a lifestyle that disrespects, or is oblivious to the environment? 

Living almost naturally is a pragmatic approach to a rural lifestyle on a remote 390ha (964 acres) mountainous farm in South Africa.

We are mindful of living in a way that also benefits our planet and all life on it. We choose what we buy and how we live consciously and respectfully.

The way we do things is what we’ve learned through practical experiences, failures and successes. We show you glimpses into our lifestyle and we hope we share this with love.  

Of course, there are other ways of doing things, but we are doing it the way that works best for us with what resources we have available. We have survived terrible wildfires, drought and stock losses. We have cried bitter tears and had plenty of belly laughs. We have seen both the harsh and the beautiful side of our wild mountain.


We show what it’s like to live on a remote mountain below a nature reserve. Our river is our source of life and flows from crystal springs. We are an animal-crazy farm where breeding warmblood horses is the mainstay, and wildlife has free roaming rights as we believe they were here first. We have a mutual coexistence and an alternative way of living and getting things done. 


So please feel free to comment and give us your feedback on what you would like to hear more about. Subscribe now and be sure you never miss a new story 


Join us on our journey as we try to walk a little lighter today.

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