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Even if we wanted to live 100% naturally, in our society we can't live without energy, water, income, connectivity, food, transportation (public or personal), or fuel.

Rural living may not be for everyone, or it may not be feasible. But everyone can reduce their environmental footprint,. What exactly does that mean?

It means that we can try our best to live with more respect for our natural environment. It means reading labels to make sure that the product hasn’t been tested on animals or is made from harmful products. It means supporting local, growing food, minimizing waste, recycling, composting, perhaps living off the grid, and learning everything we can about living a greener lifestyle.

The power of simple green living and a more sustainable lifestyle lies in everyone's conscious decisions and actions, however small.

We share with you the life we live on our 390ha mountain farm, and what we learn as we try natural and alternative ways of doing things (not always successfully).  Join us on our journey towards walking a little lighter today.

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