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We live on a remote mountainous 390-hectare farm in the Western Cape South Africa.  We started the blog to inspire others to try simple living naturally.

Our lifestyle isn't for everyone, but for us it's everything! 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions so drop us a message.



Former city slicker, my environmental epiphany happened when delivering yachts to the Caribbean in the  '80s. I first realized humanity's lack of respect for the ocean and its inhabitants.

I've lived in South Africa, England and Canada, and here I am living exactly where I'm supposed to  be.


When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, and was always bringing animals home

I bought my first horse when I was 6, and have worked with them my whole life.  

Hubby and I bought this farm seven years ago, where I breed warmblood horses and chickens. 

The rest of the Rogues Gallery

David with Malinous Luq

David, long suffering wife-with-many-horses husband. Can fix anything and keeps us laughing, seen here with Luq, Mallinois boy.

Dapple Daschund

Cutie Patootie Indica, dappled Daschund

Boerbul and kitten

Nala, character of note. Boerbul with her Mazikeen (who was brought to the farm especially for her).

Appaloosa Boerperd Arab horse

Enigma. Apalloosa Boerperd Arab x. 14 years old. Carol's most beloved and trusted steed.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier and puppy mini Daschund

Staffie Valentine's Lady Tess, seen here with baby Life of Riley (Daschund)

Emma, Daschund x Jack Russell

Emma Kalemma

Crabbut Arab

Arab - 20 year old Crabbitt Arab eye candy.

Bringing the horses home from the mountain to check over and dip at Living Almost Naturally

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